For over 30 years, our company has specialized in providing high-quality, well located, affordable residential housing to our customers.  Over the past decade, we’ve enabled thousands of New York area residents to realize their dreams of owning quality homes. As importantly, they’ve seen the value of their homes increase dramatically

  • Case in Point: North Isle Village in Coram, Suffolk County. In 2002, we sold over 300 garden homes in less than 10 months. Prices today for these homes are over 100% higher than the price our customers paid to purchase their homes. 
  • In late 2004 and 2005 we sold over 150 condominium homes at Villa at the Woods in Peekskill, NY. Prices increased five times during our one year sales efforts.  The exception? Nope, the rule. It’s the same story everywhere: Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County and Westchester.

Why do Somerset Financial Group condominium and cooperative homes appreciate so fast and by so much? Selectivity. We carefully search out prime communities that we believe have significant potential. We revitalize and develop them. And then price them carefully so that value conscious consumers can enjoy the fruits of their labor in their very own home.