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RiverPointe: Different by Design
Riverdale is home to massive residential complexes housing hundreds. RiverPointe is different. By design.  It’s a human-scale enclave with only 14 residential floors, only 3 to 6 residences per floor, and only 75 owners in all.  How, exactly, does this benefit you?  It makes RiverPointe a warmer, more inviting, far friendlier place to live. A place where you’re always a name, and never a number.

Service with a Smile, 24/7
Of course, RiverPointe is a full-service condominium. You wouldn’t have it any other way. But it does more than offer a full complement of amenities (uniformed doorman/concierge service, 24/7; new fitness center; protected parking; private storage rooms).

It offers them with an attitude sure to win your compliments. Our on-site staff exists for one purpose; your satisfaction.  Whether it’s simple or complicated, your requests will be met promptly, courteously and with a smile.

The Best of All Worlds
Because it was developed in the mid-80s, RiverPointe gives you a select location, superior construction, and superior standards. We’ve enhanced this firm foundation by adding a host of important state-of-the-art advances. These include a new marquee, new lobby, new fitness center, new elevators, new hallways, new landscaping, and new kitchens and bathrooms.

Add our attractive pricing (60% off comparable Manhattan residences) and our buyer friendly financing (you can own for no more than rent), and it’s clear that RiverPointe will improve your outlook on life.  For the better.